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First let's define the term Neuro-Ninja.  Who are they?  What are they like?  They’re ordinary people who:


  • Live & learn inside their amazing brains with a good understanding of how it works.

  • Know that the brain generates the mind and how to use the mind to go back and, slowly, but surely change the structure of the brain;


  • Know about how to grow skills by embedding them in the neural architecture of their brains;


  • Know about deliberate rest & how to help their brains consolidate the architecture built during skill development.  


  • Know about the process of deliberate development & how to build skills, motivation & attitudes through simple, regularly practiced habits and activities



Mission Possible - Helping All Of Our Clients Become Neuro-Ninjas


Welcome to the Neuro-Ninja Tool-Kit.


Our mission is to help everyone we have the privilege of working with to become Neuro-Ninjas

We all start life as brain slaves. A brain slave is someone who spends their days just following the routines & programmes built into their brains by our evolutionary past. Brain slaves don't respond with cognitive or emotional agility to what is happening inside or out. Being a brain slave was okay when we were living in the stone age, after all the brain was built to cope with that environment. But living as a brain slave in a complex 21st century world is risky as there as so many ways this new world can create issues and difficulties in our mental lives.


Welcome to the Neuro-Ninja journey, one of the most exciting of your life.  It's our opportunity to understand ourselves from the inside out. Once we’ve helped you unleash your inner Neuro-Ninja (and helped those you care for and support to do the same) we’re confident you'll be able to approach the challenges life throws at you with renewed vigour, engagement and ultimately, success. 

Life is a journey.  Life is a struggle and a joy, sometimes within the space of just a few minutes.  Think about birth itself.  All of that excruciating pain and effort and then the joy of a new life.  We cannot disentangle one from the other.  


We want you to love your amazing brain.  Love it, learn about it and then use that knowledge to take your life in all the amazing directions possible. This website tells the story of the brain, it is a story full of drama, interest, incredible sights and sounds.  

There's also some very strangely named characters!  Ultimately it's a love story, bringing to all of our clients the wonderful news about the incredible machine we all live inside and how to get the most out of it every single day.

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