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Join the Neuroscience Revolution today to Change Your Mind and Change Your World

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School Leaders -

Do you have any of these?

  • A gap that won't close

  • High flying students who are too anxious to do their best

  • Students who don't know how to revise

  • Students who are not reaching their potential

  • Parents/Carers who don't know how to help their son/daughter

  • Anxiety and stress related absence

Parents/carers -

Do you have a young person at home who?..

  • ...has trouble sleeping

  • ...has anxiety or worries alot

  • ...finds school or college difficult

  • ...finds it hard to study

  • ...can't concentrate for long

  • ...finds it all a bit overwhelming

  • ...holds all their emotions inside

  • too hard

  • ...has given up on learning

  • ...doesn't know how to revise

We can help with that!

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Through our unique programme of bespoke 1:1 coaching and online video courses, using the very latest research in Neuroscience and Cognitive psychology, we help students and their parents to understand their amazing brain, unleash it's learning power so they can learn more, remember more, build great well-being and manage their brain's negative biases.

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What is the NeuroNinja learning hub?

Subscription Packages

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Curious to know more?

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The 12 rocks of well being

Who are we?

Tell me about my amazing brain

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For Parents


Andrew Wright, our founder, has spent 30 years working in secondary schools. He’s been a head, deputy and SENDCO, starting his career over a quarter of a century ago as a biology teacher.


Our mission

To transform the experience of being a 21st century human. By engaging you in a fascinating look at the workings of the human brain, we show how to use the findings of neuroscience and psychology to help everyone be the very best they can be.

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