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How does this link with Ofsted?

'Opportunity For All' white paper

1:1 coaching to support students specifically chosen by the school

1:1 support through holidays for vulnerable students

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AYP 1:1 coaching to support students to build and maintain excellent well-being, mind management and learning habits every day

A parent and carer video course available on our learning hub. Live workshops for parents and 1:1 support for families around managing change, study habits, building attention and focus.

Workshops for students on managing change, study habits and building attention. Plus all of our videos available to all students on our hub

Training for pastoral staff in deploying our resources with their own case loads

From the new Ofsted handbook (July '22)
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This is schema development, which is part of our unleashing learning strand, we teach students how to develop schema   more effectively

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Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 16.05.52.png
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Our Unleashing learning strand gives practical advice on the development of long term memory through daily techniques such as learning capture, and methods of effective retrieval practice. So that students don't just forget what they learned each day, but it is captured and practised so that it stays in long term memory.  As a result, students learn more and remember more for longer.

These are just a few mentions of long term memory in the new Ofsted handbook to illustrate how much emphasis is being put on it and how much of our programme addresses this.

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