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What we do for parents & carers.

Being a 21st century parent is unlike any previous parenting role in history  The complexity of our lives, the juggle of work and life, the fast pace of change and endless incoming can leave us all feeling frazzled and overwhelmed. 


Here at Action Your Potential we work with schools who get that and who want to help.  They get it because they're run by 21st century parents, as is our company.  And we also understand that to get the best out of every child we need to be working as a connected community supporting the whole brain of the whole child for the whole day.   Every day. 


We can't change the pace of change or stop the latest educational diktat from government but we can help all of us to respond differently to the many pressures of our 21st century lives.  The secret to successful functioning in our demanding modern world is to manage the incredible biological kit gifted us by 4.6 billion years of evolution.  The human brain!


We've learnt more about how this amazing 3lbs of matter works in the last ten years than we have in the last 10,000 years.  And now, neuroscience, psychology and research into the most effective strategies for teaching and learning all cohere around a common understanding about how the brain works.  Our mission is to provide you with a programme that unlocks that knowledge, and the lessons from it, for you, your children and your friends and family.

Schools are learning communities and working together we want to connect everyone to the most profound and important learning we'll ever do.   Once we learn about the brain it changes the way we understand ourselves.  It also helps us to help our children (and ourselves) to learn and grow more successfully.   

On our Be Neuro-Ninja Parent course you'll learn;


  • That well-being is a skill and excellent self-care is the partner of successful learning and growth, not an indulgence.

  • How to manage anxiety and worry and to help your child develop those skills too;

  • How to support your son or daughter to become a Study Neuro-Ninja so they can maximise their daily learning experience at school;

  • That motivation is a skill and that habit change is much easier if we work with the grain of our brain. 


Please click on any of the buttons below to find out more

Our aim, in short, is to help unleash in the parents and carers we have the privilege to support a new understanding of the brain that will mean we can all support our wonderful children to action their potential every single day.

We so look forward to sharing the Neuro-Ninja journey with you!

Who can attend the seminars/webinars?

Anyone with a child at the school. Though some parents will be invited by the school.

How can I access this information afterwards?

Part of this website is accessible to the public and part is password protected. As a parent who has signed up  you will be given the password that unlocks the information you have heard. You will also have access to all the webinar recordings.

What if my child doesn't go to a school offering this?

You may purchase access to the site as an individual, or convince your school to work with us!

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