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What can we do for Students?

Our aim is to help every young person we have the privilege to work with to become a Neuro-Ninja.  What’ that?  It’s someone who lives and works inside their brain knowing how it works and how to get the very best out of it.  Neuro-Ninja students attend school more often, make better progress, are more productive and manage their rest and study much more effectively.  Neuro-Ninja students understand that their brain wasn’t built to pass exams or learn school subjects, it was designed to survive.  This means that some of the ways the human brain functions can actually get in the way of progress and learning.



Our brains evolved to survive, they are excellent at learning but only once issues of survival are sorted.  This is why we worry so much each day, this is why we experience strong, negative thoughts sometimes.  Our brains use negative emotions to focus our attention on potential problems.  The human brain is an absolute wonder.  Let us show you how to apply the lessons from brain science, psychology and what we know about maximising learning to help you engage, enjoy and progress to the best of your ability every day.
We'll teach you:
  • That well-being is a skill and excellent self-care is the partner of successful learning and growth, not an indulgence.

  • How to manage anxiety and worry and to help your child develop those skills too;

  • How to support your son or daughter to become a Study Neuro-Ninja so they can maximise their daily learning experience at school;

  • That motivation is a skill and that habit change is much easier if we work with the grain of our brain. 

In short we'll teach you how to become a Neuro-Ninja.  This website has been written for you and your whole school community and over the next year, through assemblies, seminars and webinars and through inputs into your lessons we are going to take you on an incredible journey.

Our brains are amazing and we can all accomplish incredible things.  Once we understand how our brain works we can get the very best out of them every day and become truly unstoppable in the pursuit of our dreams.
Please click on any of the buttons below to find out more
Who can go to the seminars/webinars?

Anyone with a child at the school. And students too. 

How can I access this information afterwards?

Part of this website is accessible to the public and part is password protected. Parents attending the seminars/webinars will be given the password that unlocks the information you have heard and access to the webinar recordings.

What if my school isn't offering this?

Your family may purchase access to the site as an individual, or convince your school to work with us!

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