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What can we do for Teachers?

Teachers want the very best for their students but rarely get the opportunity to read and explore the latest research and ideas on how best to learn and teach.  When they do, there's rightly a huge focus on technique and pedagogy but far less about the fundamentals of the raw material teachers are working with; the learning brain.
Everything we do in the classroom is about helping our student's brains to learn.  But none of us are ever taught how the brain works.  Action Your Potential can partner with your school to change that.  In our engaging, innovative and exciting course we'll take you on an incredible learning journey applicable to your own brain and those of your students. 
Our mission is to support our clients to Be Neuro-Ninja Schools, where parents, students and teachers work in new and connected ways inside a common understanding of the brain.  Schools have always been about so much more than results, they're connected learning communities full of care and hope.   At Action Your Potential our work is about amplifying the focus of the whole learning community around a deep understanding of the brain.   To get the best out of every child we need to be working to support the whole brain of the whole child for the whole day.   Every day. 
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As a teacher you will experience 10 hours of bespoke and high quality professional development.  We'll teach you;
  • That well-being is a skill and excellent self-care is the partner of successful learning and growth, not an indulgence;

  • How to manage anxiety and worry and to help your students develop those skills too;

  • How to build excellent learning experiences from the brain up, melding the best research from neuroscience, psychology and pedagogy;

  • How to support your students to develop a better metacognitive understanding of their own responsibilities to protect the learning done in your lessons by following through with daily processes of deliberate practice through self-directed study;

  • You'll learn that motivation is a skill and that habit change is much easier if we work with the grain of our brain. 


Our aim, in short, is to help unleash in teachers we have the privilege to support,  a new understanding of the brain that will mean we can all support our wonderful students to action their potential every single day.

Image by National Cancer Institute
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Can I attend a seminar/webinar as a teacher?

Yes, you are welcome to attend any or all of the seminars or webinars

How can I access this information afterwards?

Part of this website is accessible to the public and part is password protected. As a teacher of a school that has bought our service you will be given the password that unlocks the information you have heard and access to all the webinar recordings 

What if my school isn't offering this?

You may purchase access to the site as an individual, or convince your school to work with us!

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