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Minimise Anxiety And Seize Your Days

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns, and by some measures, it’s increasing.  In the Neuro-Ninja Tool-Kit we look at;


  • The neuroscience of anxiety; which bits of the brain are involved;


  • The psychology of anxiety; how we think & feel inside an anxious brain & the impact of that on our behaviour;

We also explore what anxiety is in the brain.  Being a Neuro-Ninja doesn't mean worry and anxiety will be expunged from your life.  That isn't possible.  But it does mean you and your children will be able to develop a different and more flexible relationship with these unpleasant (and unfortunately necessary) part of living inside a human brain.

Let’s start with some definitions.  


Anxiety is just an emotion.  Not to belittle the intensity of this feeling for any of us.  Anxiety is part of our natural spectrum of emotions and we will all feel anxious from time to time.   We can’t stop that feeling of anxiety, but we can stop reacting and start responding instead. 

Image by Kat J

Let’s delve a little deeper.  


Anxiety is defined as; a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.


Life is uncertain.  Our brains evolved as prediction engines, constantly trying to second-guess what might happen next.  They draw on banks of stored sense impressions (memories) to make guesses.  So, right here and now we can see the problem clearly.  Brains like to predict what’s going to happen, anxiety is the emotion our brains experience when they’re unable to predict what happens next.  This uncertainty leads to feelings of anxiety in our mind.  On this website and through our Be A Neuro-Ninja programme you’ll learn what anxiety is and how to respond to it in a way that means, slowly, but surely, it loses its power over you so you can go out into your life and do all the amazing things you have always dreamed of.

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