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Rock 6 - Emotions

“Emotions make us human, denying them makes us beasts.”

                                                                                    Victoria Klein

Some Key Ideas

We have a complex relationship with our feelings.  To be a well-balanced Neuro-Ninja we need to practice the skills of emotional agility, hygiene and build our awareness around our feelings.

Emotional agility – Is responding to our emotions, rather than reacting to them, it means engaging positively with all of our feelings, especially our negative ones.

Emotional Hygiene – Is recognising when we’ve experienced an emotional or psychological wound and responding in an open and flexible way to the difficult feelings that follow.

Emotional awareness – Is about building our awareness of our emotional lives, noting difficult emotions, observing our responses and considering how we are going to respond rather than simply reacting.

As we dive deeply into learning about emotions we'll discover some amazing things.  For example, did you know that the area of the brain that registers physical pain also register emotional pain.  The phrase; 'Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me' turns out to be not true.  Verbal abuse and emotional suffering create pain in the brain and affect both our physical and mental health.  Click deeper into Rock 6 to find out more about how we can learn to better experience the emotional dimension of our brain's output.

Image by Eugenia Maximova
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