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The 12 Rocks Of Wellbeing

How Can We Help Our Brains Construct The Best Version of Ourselves Every Day?

A fair question right now might be; So how does any of this all very interesting neuroscience help me, my children, my staff, my friends or colleagues? 

The purpose of this course is all of us to learn how to support the brain’s construction of our best self every day.  Our brain creates our mind, to change ourselves we need to be aware of might our brain's doing and nurture the habits and actions that bring about positive change.


And that’s where the 12 Rocks Of Well-Being come in.

The 12 Rocks of Well-Being are 12 activities or habits we all have to carry out every day to give our brains the best chance of constructing the best version of ourselves. They’re simple but require planning to make sure we do them in our busy lives.   Self-care is not self-indulgence it is the basis of well-being and a civilised society.  Grumpy brains that don't get their needs met are less compassionate, less kind and far, far less effective.


The 12 Rocks therefore are not a luxury, they’re mandatory, if we don’t do them we go wonky (experience imbalance).  This means we get to live inside a less effective version of ourselves.  And no-one wants that, do they?


What Do The Rocks Do?

The 12 Rocks have been derived from a deep dive into research in neuroscience, psychology and health studies related to human flourishing.  We all have amazing potential, human flourishing is about helping all of us get the more out of ourselves every day. 


The 12 Rocks are whole brain and body experiences. By practising them every day we give ourselves permission to value our rest as much as our work and in doing so we’ll find ourselves more productive, happier, more creative and in a better mood more of the time.  Life is complex and difficult, the 12 Rocks is the ticket to build a resilient, more agile version of ourselves in a well integrated brain.

So Let Me Get This Right – Well Being Is A Skill?

Well-being as a skills means practicing these activities in our daily experience.  

From the inside, our experience of life is unique.  And indeed every person is vastly different. We are all endowed with a genetic inheritance.  This has guided the construction of our brains. Our experiences and the way our social and physical environment has interacted with our genes (the  science of epigenetics) also affects how our brain develops.


These two processes, genetics and how those genes have interacted with the environment are responsible for around 50% of our sense of well-being every day. The other 50% comes from what we do each day to maintain the physical structure and connectivity in our brains.  As the brain generates the self, 50% of the mind we get each day is down to what we've done in the previous 24 hours.

Our brain's neuroplasticity provides an opportunity for change that is uniquely human.   We can  carry out activities that help us build the kind of connections and pathways we need to live a full, focused, engaged and productive life.  We have some choice over our actions because of our relatively large pre-frontal cortex (PFC), something animals don’t.

Click on any of the pictures below to get a taste of each rock. 


Rock 1 - Sleep


Rock 5 - Mind Wandering


Rock 9 - Connecting With People


Rock 2 - Exercise *


Rock 6 - Emotions


Rock 10 Gratitude and Kindness


Rock 3 - Eat Healthily


Rock 4 - Mindfulness


Rock 7 -Walking Outside


Rock 8 - Music


Rock 11 - Engaging In Your Life's Purpose


Rock 12 - Learn, Play, Create, Read

* Image courtesy of CSG Dog Snow Gear


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