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Welcome To The Neuroscience Revolution


We are so lucky to be alive now.  We are living through a quiet revolution that will change all of

our lives in thousands of tiny positive ways. We have learnt more about the human brain and how

it works in the last 10 years than we have in the previous 10,000.  That knowledge is changing

the way we think about ourselves and transforming the way we work, learn, live, plan for our future, rest and play.  It is a fundamental revolution in thinking, what scientists and philosophers call a paradigm shift. 



What neuroscience is finding is that there is no separation between our mental and physical parts, what Eastern mystics have known for millennia. Just as we are what we eat and drink, we are what we think and repeatedly do each and every day.  


Repeat actions of thought, feeling or movement build neural architecture in our heads and the more we repeat those actions, the stronger the connections between those neurones get.



On The Job Training For Managing a Human Brain In the 21st Century 


Raising 21st century children is difficult.   Getting the best out of ourselves every day amongst the complex and varied incoming of the 21st century is a real challenge.  We’re living through times unlike any other with such rapid change it is difficult to keep up.


Living in unprecedented times means we need a new approach to thinking about ourselves and how to live our best lives. 





















New Knowledge Drives Human Action In New Ways






This neuroplasticity, the ability of the circuits of the brain to change and grow throughout our lives, is incredible. It explains why if we want to get good at playing the guitar we need to engage in daily practice, it also explains why if we worry a lot and see threats everywhere, we get very good at worrying and see the world as a  threatening place.  

Back in the 16th century when England was suffering yet another outbreak of plague, people didn't know microbes caused disease. Without this information, desperate to survive, people made up all sorts of strange and weird reasons for the plague.  Variously the Black Death was thought to be caused by "bad air", "evil spirits" as well as a lot of other inaccurate nonsense.   Much later along came Germ Theory, explaining how plague (and many other diseases)were spread by bacteria.  Using this knowledge science has advanced and plague has since been eradicated.

Neuroscience is to our understanding of how minds and brains work as germ theory is to medicine.  Germ theory enabled us to beat plague. Neuroscience will have a similar revolutionary impact on teaching, learning, working, being, and parenting in the next few years. 


By working with the grain of the brain we can transform our experience day to day and help our friends, family and children to do the same. Imagine a school system built around a deep understanding of how the brain works; that is our mission as a company - to accelerate the spread of knowledge underpinning this neuroscience revolution to the benefit of everyone.

The amazing news is that our brains change throughout our lives and we can write some of those changes ourselves. 

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