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Well-Being Is A Skill - Living Your Best Life

The foundation of the Neuro-Ninja approach to life, learning, growth and change is deliberate rest.  Our brain (and body) are biological systems and when they have worked hard they need time to recuperate and re-energise.  For example, when a brain cell fires it experiences an action potential, an electrical signal.  This signal takes energy and chemicals to generate and it jumps across the gap between neurones called a synapse.  Those gaps contact chemicals too which take time to re-energise.  To be the best version of ourselves we must practice self-care with the diligence and focus we apply to looking after our children and our work.  We are the greatest project we’ll ever work on.  Being a Neuro-Ninja means we know what activities and habits we need to carry out every day to build the best version of ourselves. 

Image by Melody Jacob

Get in touch today and see how we can help take your learning community to the next level by putting a deep understanding of the brain at the heart of everything you do.

Being A Neuro-Ninja means committing to do your 12 Rocks Of Well-Being every day and understanding that deliberate rest is as crucial as deliberate practice to the journey of self-improvement.

To accept ourselves as we are, deficits & benefits, is the starting point for building a mind that see others as clearly & compassionately. Everyone's needed. Everyone's special. Everyone deserves the chance to action their potential every day.



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