What Are People Saying?

'From my point of view, the workshop was brilliant, packed full of theory and sensible , realistic ways to share and ease worry and anxiety. I think it wakens the soul to hear it.'

                                                                                                         - parent of Heathfield Community School student

‘My son has applied some strategies during his preparation period for his MOCK exams. Also, he mentioned about his change in his mind set related to the organisational skills and long-term plans’.

                                                                                                         - parent of St Richards Catholic  School student

I am a psychologist myself and so it was extremely refreshing to see and hear the school taking the best from the behavioural & neurological sciences and showing its relevance to the school community (both children and parents/carers alike).

                                                                                                         - parent of Chailey School student

In regards to our family we have implemented the following:


- Family walk for at least an 1 hour on a Sunday morning . 

- Tuesday and Thursday no computers, this is self improvement time. 

- Encouraging them to find things they really enjoy.

-  Asking them to be kinder to each other, spontaneous requests of say something nice about someone else in the room. 

-We are being more aware of snack and sugar intake. 

                                                                             - parent of Hailsham School student

I have attended an 8 week CBT course in the past but the hour long seminar you gave on Monday gave me a far better insight and understanding of how the brain processes and responds to events and emotions. 

                                                                                                         - parent of Ratton School student

‘The anxiety seminars have been of particular interest to us as our daughter has been suffering from anxiety over the last three years. The seminars have allowed her to understand exactly what is happening inside her brain when the anxiety starts to click in. This has been a great help to her. She also understands that she is not the only one going through this.’

                                                                                                         - parent of Willingdon School student

'You have made me see anxiety in a completely different way which will benefit my life both within and outside of the classroom. Understanding it scientifically has allowed me to be able to see it from an outside perspective instead of living inside it.'


‘My kids have been put through a broken home situation, however the other day I decided to reframe it as our broken home ultimately became 2 fixed homes, ………although communication is still a problem, it has fixed the issues we had' 

                                                                                                       -Parent of Heathfield Community College Student

‘I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed the rest of the talks during the year - they are interesting, informative, and very motivational.  Thank you!’

                                                                                                                         -Parent of Uckfield College Student

‘It is great to be able to work on our rocks together and have tools to talk about issues that we may have dismissed in the past. Best of all, we are now challenging each other to keep experiencing things out of our comfort zone and growing together.’

                                                                                                                         -Parent of St Richards Student