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What is the NeuroNinja learning hub?


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Who are we?


Welcome to a whole new world.

We work with schools, organisations, businesses, families and individuals to:


  • Transform outcomes by helping people understand their amazing brains.  

  • Engage in daily behaviour changes that transform engagement, experience, enjoyment and productivity.  

  • Change their lives by unleashing the incredible power of their brains.

We support our clients to become #NeuroNinjas.  A #NeuroNinja is someone who understands their brain as a complex, flexible, living network that runs an always updating model of the world.  #NeuroNinjas understand that their brain, body and mind are intimately connected and change occurs through repeated and deliberate actions.

Our mission is to help you change your mind, change your brain and change your world.  We're focused on helping the whole person understand and manage their whole brain for the whole day, every day.



Andrew Wright, our founder, has spent 30 years working in secondary schools. He’s been a head, deputy and SENDCO, starting his career over a quarter of a century ago as a biology teacher.


Our mission

To transform the experience of being a 21st century human. By engaging you in a fascinating look at the workings of the human brain, we show how to use the findings of neuroscience and psychology to help everyone be the very best they can be.