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Our 'Change Your Mind, Change Your World', programme adapts the 10 #NeuroNinja skills to your organisation.  


We provide our subscribing clients with the following:

  •  Monthly (45 min) webinars on topics that are agreed and arise throughout the year (12 across the year);

  • Video packs created to support well-being, mind management, learning & productivity (content will be decided via collaborative conversations with colleagues across the organisation);

  • Video resources to support positive daily behaviour changes that transform mental health, mind management, learning and productivity

  • Ongoing 1:1 support for individuals and teams to help leadership and management of the mind throughout the year;

  • Advise the leadership, management and human resources teams on developing strategic practices to support learning, mind management, productivity and well-being in the body, brain and mind of employees and colleagues;

  • One off professional development sessions, at least 3 a year (as and when required);

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The aim of this support is to:

  • Support the well-being, resiliency and mental health of colleagues and teams throughout the year in a flexible, responsive and bespoke way;

  • To offer support the ongoing development of transformational daily behaviour change to improve life, learning, productivity and mental health;

  • To offer bespoke courses aligned with procedures, processes and strategies within the organisation to improve productivity, creativity progress;

  • To provide strategic support to the organisation to adapt its procedures and processes to support productivity, creativity and mental health;

  • To provide access to metacognitive strategies to improve practices across the organisation in perpetuity;

  • To improve productivity, well-being and engagement and efficiency;

  • To provide support for colleagues with well-being and more accelerated sign-posting to additional support where required.

How Does It Work?

We establish a “brain trust” of colleagues to provide input, insight and suggestions of content for AYP to create the initial video packs during the first two months of the contract.  The brain trust will meet monthly to set the topic of the monthly webinar and feed in thoughts for further video resource production.  There will be at least 50 videos produced through the year that the subscribing business will retain the use of in perpetuity.  These will be arranged into packs and also into a narrative structure to teach colleagues the story of their brains and help them to address common arising issues, for example; Low Mood, Poor Productivity, Getting Stuck in A Project.

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