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A Quick Look At Parenting In The 21st Century - Two Jobs: Protect & Prepare


Our first job as parents is to protect our little ones, making sure they're safe.  But as our children get older we have to embark on that most difficult of transitions. We have to gearshift to  preparing them for life as well.  


As we know the road to being a successful adult involves getting our heads round an awful lot.  Settling for protecting our children - "Oh, I just want them to be happy" - risks not preparing them for the complexities of adult life.  We need to prepare the child for the road, not the other way round.



Image by Liane Metzler

You know your child is special, unique and talented, they are because of their amazing brain.  Each person’s brain is different but the underlying systems and processes that build well-being, motivation, self-control, emotions and creativity are the same.

Learning about neuroscience and psychology transforms the impact of what we do as parents  because we start working with the grain of the brain, rather than against it. 

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