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Early Years 

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Post 16

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Key stage 2

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Secondary School

Well-Being: information, knowledge and skills to build great well-being every day in our amazing brains.


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All of our educational programmes have 3 strands and 10 #NeuroNinja Skills;

The 3 Strands are;

Mind Management: information, knowledge and skills to manage the negative biases and default responses of the brain to setbacks, failure, mistakes, struggle, anxiety and change.

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The 10 #NeuroNinja Skills are;

Unleashing Learning and Productivity: information, knowledge and skills to build great learning, memory, productivity, flexibility and responsiveness  everyday.

Skill 2 - #ManageEmotions

Emotions are our brains first response to experience, we need to be aware of, connect with and process our emotions to ensure we’re using the full capacity of our incredible brains to move our lives forward.

Skill 3 - #ManageWorries

Our brains have systems that generate worries as a way of spotting incoming problems and complexity.  This system is automatic, we cannot and should not suppress it, but we should manage it every day to resolve problems and reduce mental suffering.


Skill 4 #BuildYourCalm

Our brain's first response to complexity and uncertainty may be heightened feelings of anxiety, we need to learn about how we can calm our body and brain down using routines of thought and action to return to balance and reduce mental suffering.


Skill 1 - #DoYourRocks

Well-Being is a daily skill, a series of daily actions that give our brains and bodies what they need to build the best version of ourselves everyday.  We introduce you to the 12 Rocks of Well-Being.

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Skill 5 #ChooseGrowth

Our brains have incredible capacity to grow and change.  Growth, learning and change involve effort, struggles, mistakes and setbacks and we need to learn how to structure the growth journey to continue to live in balance in our ever changing brain.

Skill 7 #DoYourLeaps

Learning, memory, motivation, productivity and daily effectiveness are partly down to our daily actions.  We teach you the skills, knowledge and behaviours to get the most out of your brain’s incredible learning capabilities every day.

Skill 9 #LittleAndOftenLearning

How to take deliberate practice and improve skills we are really struggling to master.

Skill 6 #BouncingBack

Life is one great setback, our brains are built to spot setbacks and problems and devise solutions for them but the way they do this can be intense and upsetting.  We need to recognise setbacks for what they are, understand how our brains responds to them and manage that process to reduce mental suffering.


Skill 8 #PracticeMakesProgress

Practice is the fundamental unit of change in the brain, it sends a signal to our brain networks about what skills, knowledge and activities are important and creates a dynamic that sees our brain change to make those things we practice easier and more fluid.  We change our brain through incremental practice.

Skill 10 #PlanningYourDayAndLearning

How to use different nested levels of planning and preparation to manage each day, your personal growth and your behaviour change across days, weeks and months to achieve your goals.

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