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Young Businesswoman

You can become an individual member of our site for a small monthly subscription and this will give you access to a bank of videos linked to your needs.    


Individual subscriptions are built around a client’s identified needs.   As part of the subscription we ask you to fill in a questionnaire that helps us determine which support packs would be the most useful for you to use.


Remember change in the brain is a process of exploring and developing your beliefs, knowledge, skills and action to develop new habitual behaviours that move you in the direction of your goals.


Our support packs focus on our 3 strands of metacognitive development, well-being, mind management and unleashing learning.  


Well-Being: information, knowledge and skills to build great well-being every day in our amazing brains.


Mind Management: information, knowledge and skills to manage the negative biases and default responses of the brain to setbacks, failure, mistakes, struggle, anxiety and change.


Unleashing Learning and Productivity: information, knowledge and skills to build great learning, memory, productivity, flexibility and responsiveness  everyday.

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