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What is the NeuroNinja learning hub?

The #NeuroNinja learning hub is where all our video courses are stored, these are accessible to all staff, students and parents of subscribing schools and can be accessed any time.  Many schools are also using these courses in PSHE lessons or tutor time as a curriculum course.

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Build Your Brain for early years students aimed at students from reception to yr 1
Build a NeuroNinja for secondary students aimed at students from year 7 to 11
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Change Your world programme for  16+ aimed at students from year 12 to 13
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Build a NeuroNinja for primary students aimed at students from year 2 to 6
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Nano NeuroNinja - NeuroNinja help in less than 2 minutes - specifically design to support 1:1 coaching sessions
Be a NeuroNinja Teacher- help and support for teachers 
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Parent and Carer Support Course -designed to help parents and carers support their sons/daughters and themselves
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Be a NeuroNinja -individual course for families or individuals not associated with a school
Coming soon
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