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Universities (Change Your World Programme incorporating #NeuroNinja skills) includes the following:
  • 5 - 10 mins videos to use across the University tailor-made for students teaching them the 10 #NeuroNinja Skills - over 100 videos to cover all aspects of the 10 #NeuroNinja skills;

  • 5 - 10 min videos to use in University tutorial times to teach students the 10 Leaps in Learning, 10 daily behaviours that enhance memory, learning and productivity every day so they can learn as they go along

  • Termly webinars for students, parents and carers on relevant topics all about the amazing brain;

  • 1:1s for students to help them implement the #NeuroNinja skills (details of scope and resourcing to be discussed with each client);

  • Well-Being coaching for all members of staff;

  • Well-Being resources for all staff to help them develop their well-being every day;

  • #NeuroNinja Support Packs to help families, staff and children develop daily behaviours that improve well-being, mind management and unleash learning

  • Parent & Carer masterclasses on specific issues with 1:1 family support afterwards to implement strategies;

  • Staff training packages to teach colleagues how to use the #NeuroNinja resources with families to improve daily behaviours around well-being, mind management and learning