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Motivation and Willpower

Taking the Harder Road, Building Motivation and Willpower As Skills in the 21st century 


Our brain changes throughout our lives.  This is incredible news, it means we are not one unchanging thing, but can change ourselves from the inside out.  If we want to get better at something we know we need to practice.  We need, actually, to learn that struggle, making mistakes and learning to deal with complexity are all forms of struggle. 

Image by Alex Radelich

In the Neuro-Ninja Tool-Kit we show you have we can build our capacity to struggle with determination and strategy for longer.  The secret to great motivation and willpower is managing our relationship with struggle.  We must learn to practice deliberate rest in order to build the reserves and energy to engage in more struggle.  To put it more simply than thaty we need to learn to rest when we’re tired, not give up.  That is the ultimate secret of success.


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