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Enjoy and Engage With Your GCSEs And A Levels

Become a Study Neuro-Ninja

Q: What is a Study Neuro-Ninja?  

A: A student who understands how the brain works and how they need to work and rest every day to build the best version of themselves to be able to tackle the daily struggle of examinations.  


We explore the daily practices we want our "Study Neuro-Ninjas” to develop to ensure they not only survive their GCSEs and A Levels, but actually enjoy them.  Well-rested brains with their needs understood and met are unstoppable. 


Getting ready for exams is like preparing to run a marathon.  They are hugely cognitively demanding, a complex problems our brains are more than a much for.  As long as we manage our brains well.  Circuits for survival and stress when they are active actually reduce our cognitive bandwidth.  In our Be A Neuro-Ninja programme you will learn how to manage these parts of your brain so you can engage, enjoy and maximise the incredible learning opportunity that is preparation for the challenge of exams.  Here at Action Your Potential we believe in you, we know what your brain is capable of.  


Once we understand our incredible brain and how to get the most out of it we can transform our performance, our engagement and enjoyment of our day to day lives alongside preparing for exams.  You can do this.





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